Where To Get Diamond Education on The Internet

diamond rings tipsWith more consumers than ever, turning to the Internet to educate themselves on all aspects of diamonds and diamond jewelry before taking the plunge and buying their first (and hopefully last ;)) diamond engagement ring, it is important to find information that is both meaningful and accurate.

Sure, there are many websites that offer some recycled fluff pieces about how choose the perfect diamond ring or diamond engagement ring. However, the reality is that aside from the romantic gobbly-gook, there isn’t much meat and substance in many of these articles that would actually empower you to pick the most perfectly cut diamond engagement ring at the best value.

Some websites do a bit better by taking you through a brief tutorial on the “four C’s” of diamonds (diamond carat, diamond color, diamond clarity, & diamond cut). They will briefly explain the importance of a diamonds color grade, the effect of inclusions in a diamond, the importance of a diamond’s critical “cut” factor etc.. After that, you are pretty much on your own.

The fact is, that there are many ways to properly qualify and quantify the beauty and cut precision of a well cut diamond, such as an ideal cut diamond, or Superideal, hearts & arrows cut diamond. There are certain scientific machines today that do an incredible job of measuring the beauty, brilliancy and cut precision of any loose diamond. Much of this diamond education and information is available to you on the Internet. That is….if you know where to look ;).

Armed with this comprehensive diamond information, you will be empowered to purchase the perfect loose diamond, or diamond engagement ring of your dreams, at the lowest possible price.

Not all diamonds are created equal. Some diamonds are beautiful, sparkly, and brilliant; regardless of their size, color, and clarity. Many more diamonds however, are unfortunately, dull, lifeless, and appear to be nothing more than frozen spit; regardless of size, color, and clarity.

These are diamonds you ought to stay far away from.

The following few diamond websites, diamond learning centers, and diamond discussion forums on the Internet, will all open up new vistas of understanding in the world of diamonds, diamond jewelry, custom designer jewelry, wedding rings, and engagement rings.

These websites are indexed by literally thousands of diamond shoppers like yourself, who are turning to the Internet in droves to get the perfect diamond education before making a significant purchase of this magnitude.

You will mingle with diamond jewelers, professionals, and consumers alike. You will ask questions and get answers.

Just one warning for you: these websites are extremely addictive, once there, you might get hooked for life!